NYC Pedicab Street Rates Vs. Pedicab Tours Rates

Pedicab Rates in New York . Ask before sitting in one!

Pedicab Tours Rates vs Pedicab Street Rates  per minute

NYC Pedicab Street Rates $5 to $7 per minute, per pedicab.

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Pedicab Rates in NYC according to law the cost of the services or ride it's in a minutes basis. 

Pedicab driver are free to set their own prices, and by law their rates must be display in 28-point font on the pedicab in clear view to their customers, and at the same time disclose their rates verbally or in a written receipt with rate cost per minute, name , and company information.

Pedicab Street Prices or Rates it's between $3 to $7 per minute, per pedicab, per ride. Be aware of scam Pedicab guys,

if the pedicab driver did not  disclose their price up front, you are not oblige to pay, Yes! 

Call an officer and the Ride will be Free!

Call a police officer if the pedicab guy did not disclose their price, and ride will be free, and the pedicab driver will be ticketed, and even might be arrested for breaking the pedicab law.

Things you should do if get ripped off; its to take pictures or video, get the Name of driver from the Pedicab ID driver license, take a picture of the pedicab Plate number # located in front of the pedicab, and the Pedicab Co. Information, and get a receipt w/ Drivers Name

and Company name.
(you have the right to get the receipt with all these information, since you are paying)
Call 311 or Contact DCA Department of consumer Affairs at Report to NYC311- NYC DCA

Things that you could do, if you got ripped off and if you have the driver name and the pedicab business information.
You can do an online report, and filed a complaint, it's no guaranty, but there is a 90% of chance that you could get your money back mailed to you.

Pedicab Tour & Pedicab Transport in New York it's a fun experience, very unique way of transport like in the ancient times, most people love it.
Pedicab drivers in New York must disclose their rates up front to their customers, have the rates visible, and not hidden to the public.

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